18th of August 2011


I am bad at watching movies. I’ll fall asleep in the last 30 minutes and I can quit watching a movie during any point. I need a decent amount of red vines and cokes to keep me awake, and I tend to forget characters’ and actors’ names. And, movies based on books? I tend to just complain that the movie isn’t the exact same as the book the whole time. 

I really like the idea of movies, but I guess that I just don’t know how to properly enjoy them. 

I tend to think about how things would work our in real life or how stereotypical the characters are. 

Unless it is based in a scifi sort of world, but there aren’t very many scifi movies that I want to see. And, I like documentaries, but then not very many good ones are free and legal on the internet (I don’t have netflix). 

And, I want to just close my eyes and just listen most of the time, because my eyes start to hurt, because the images are so sharp. 

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